Parcel delivery to United Kingdom

Send a parcel to United Kingdom

Send a parcel to United Kingdom

Sending a package or palette to and from the UK is easy. Shipments don't have to be carried or transported, queued and waited. All this can be done online from the office or home. The courier will come to you at the address indicated and pick up the shipments.

Making a shipment is simple and convenient.

What to do?

1. Pack securely your shipment, dimensions and weighs.

2. Enter the shipment data in the price calculator and receive quotes immediately.

3. Choose yours and place an order online: enter the details of the sender and recipient, fill in the customs document on the content and value of the shipment.

4. Make the payment and wait for the courier the next working day.

Shipments can be processed by both companies and individuals.

For companies, online stores or regular shipments, send a price request to e-mail.

If you need consultation or advice safe calls - let's help! 

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