Who will be delivering parcels?

DoorToDoor.eu partnered with following international companies to deliver your parcels: UPS, DPD, Omniva, DB SHENKER, Itella, VENIPAK, GLS.

How to send packets with DoorToDoor.eu?

Enter shipment details and sizes in the DoorToDoor.eu price calculator. Choose the most suitable one from all offers. Get acquainted with the sel...

Who can ship?

Delivery services can be purchased by both individuals and legal entities. The purchase can be made both by registering and as an unregistered us...

What delivery methods can I buy on DoorToDoor.eu?

The platform summarizes five types of delivery offered by different delivery companies:• Parcel terminal - parcel terminal, • Parcel post - couri...

Why should I choose DoorToDoor.eu?

On our website you can safely organise delivery for your parcels. Save time and money by comparing various delivery partners in one place. Choose...

What shipments can I send using DoorToDoor.eu?

DoorToDoor.eu allows both individuals and legal entities to send letters, parcels and pallets.

How to make a payment?

There are three ways to make a secure payment: 1) using Visa, Mastercard bank cards or 2) using banklink online payments (commission according to...

How to pack a shipment?

The shipment must be packed safely and correctly - so that it is not damaged during transportation, does not damage other shipments or the suppli...

What is a FRAGILE shipment?

A fragile shipment is fragile, fine items such as glass, ceramics, electrical appliances, and more. The shipment must be accompanied by an additi...

How is the total length of the shipment calculated?

The total length of the shipment is calculated according to the formula: 2 widths + 2 heights + length."""" Example: Width 15 cm, height 10, len...

How is the shipment volume calculated?

Shipment volume m3 = (length x width x height): 10000.

How is the price of a shipment determined?

The equivalent 1m³ = 250 kg can be used to calculate the price, based on the largest (volume or weight).

When is courier coming?

After you have completed and paid for your order, courier will arrive next working day, during working hours.

Do you deliver parcels to United Kingdom?

Yes, doortodoor.eu delivers to United Kingdom as well as Norway, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Canada and many other countries, to 220 countries to b...

Can you send documents to Russia?

Yes, you can send documents as well as parcels to Russia.

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